It Takes a Village

I know I say this every year after my Open Studio, but I could never do this alone. There are always so many moving parts. This year felt more rushed since I repainted my studio and tried a new display system for my small panel paintings.

Here is the family crew, Bonnie, Jay, Laura and I. We sure do clean up well!

From previous years, you probably know our friend Maritza, who is an indispensable part of the team. Somehow she just knows what I need to do before I do! Maritza, I am grateful for your friendship and your ongoing support.

Here Maritza is with Bonnie putting the finishing touch on the dessert table.

And here’s Bonnie’s handiwork. If Bonnie ever wants a second career, I think there’s a place for her in the food world.

And a special thanks to my friend Eve, who spent hours here in the two days leading up to the event helping me velcro, label and arrange 60 panel paintings.

Eve and I were so busy that I didn’t even think of taking photos of her and the process, which would have been interesting for all of you to see. What a mess the dining room was! In fact, I would have liked to see the pics so we could all give ourselves a pat on the back for getting everything together in record time. Next year.

Until then.

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