1. Carol

    I feel as if the enjoyment is in part educational. I love learning. You have gone full steam(or broiled) ahead. I am very impressed with the results and I think it’s because you are very relaxed about this 30/30. The color of the Lobsters are marvelous. I will savor every bite of my next Lobster.
    Congrats and back to work.

  2. Carol

    Parameters are more clearly defined this year and you are seasoned on expectations. All that works to your benefit.
    Congrats again you are way up there.
    Love it.

  3. You did a fantastic job on this. I like the composition and the view from below. I’ve sketched and eaten many a lobster in my time traveling to and from Maine. I’m going to go view some of your other pieces. I’m doing all animals/pets/creatures for the challenge.

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