2017 Open Studio

Thank you all for coming to my Open Studio!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s a mini photo-blog tour. FYI. I meant to take an action video once people arrived, but I was too busy – and forgot to ask anyone else to do it.

When the big day arrived last Saturday, Bonnie and I were ready and waiting for our first guests, who arriving promptly at 11:00am.

My studio was amazingly clean, with just one table of oil paint tubes and brushes. I even surprised myself!

This display greeted everyone at the front door, totally arranged by Bonnie. Bravo! My big Confection Obsession painting was in the front hall too.

Confection Obsession by Beverly Shipko, Oil, 36 x 48 inches

With the new white walls, it really felt like a gallery.

And can you guess what got the most comments of all?

The broccoli, of course! Over the mantle and on the easel.

This panel of sweets attracted a lot of attention too.

It’s always fun to see who walks through the door. There’s never a dull moment. Here we are with Theresa, who made the first purchase of the weekend.

Liv of Riviera Bakehouse thoughtfully arrived with a box full of her tantalizing mini-cupcakes for our dessert table (yes, we had real edible desserts!). Perhaps there’s a mini-cupcake painting in my future…

Of course, our traditional donut holes were on hand from Dunkin’ Donuts – ostensibly for the kids, but downed by adults. Naturally, Jay dug right in.

We had neighbors.


Loyal fans who come back annually. Somehow Samantha magically grew up into a young lady since last year!

After a whirlwind two days – including an artists party on Saturday night – our last visitor arrived on Sunday. Here’s Kathy, from my Kraft General Foods days. How nice it was to finally sit down and catch up!

And how funny it was that Bonnie looks like her daughter in this photo with all the curly hair.

Oh yes, did I forget to mention all the kitchen action with the Oreo Cookie Contest? We’ll get to that in my next post.

I hope you can stand the suspense.


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